4 Ways To Avoid Your Phone being Stolen or Lost

Nothing feels worse than reaching into your pocket or purse and not being able to find your phone. Especially if it has been a busy day and you have no idea where to begin looking. Whether you dropped it while walking, left it in your taxi, or may even have had it snatched from your hands, you would not want it to happen again.

The trouble of trying to find your phone or get in contact with someone to disconnect it can be exhausting and stressful. Here are four ways to avoid a stolen phone and stress:

1. Try to get into the habit of feeling for it each time you leave one place and go to another. The worst feeling when losing a phone is losing it because it was your fault.
2. This one may seem obvious, but try not to leave your phone in public unattended. It is almost like setting a $100 bill on the ground and expecting to come back to it later in the day.
3. With number point number two, it may be easier to keep your phone with you at all times. Knowing your phone is on your person keeps any sign of worry away.
4. Avoid flashy accessories for your device. Sparkly phone cases and items like Airpods could be something a thief would want.