Cell Phone Repair Myths: Debunked

Don’t fall victim to the frightening myths that surround cell phone repair. Many people think their only options are to ignore the problem until it goes away, or spend absurd amounts of money getting it fixed by the manufacturer, neglecting to consider that there is a middle ground.

Ignoring the problem for too long can often cause the problem to worsen, sometimes resulting in irreparable damage. And while taking your device to the manufacturer might make you feel like your phone is in trustworthy hands, this can often result in a shocking bill.

Here are a few myths we’re eager to debunk for you:
1. Relying on a third-party to fix your issue will void your warranty. This isn’t necessarily true! Depending on the repair needed (cracked screens being the most common), your warranty is unlikely to be voided. Always ask in advance.
2. Cell phone repair shops will look through your phone. False! As professionals, it’s a technician’s job to get in, fix the problem, and get out. In most cases, you’ll be asked and approval will be needed to even turn on your device.
3. Rice will fix water damage. This is one of the biggest myths we hear. Before relying on your pantry to solve the problem, take it in to be seen by a professional who can diagnose your device correctly. Water can actually cause irreversible damage to your device’s hardware, which can’t be solved with rice.