How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

While there are many ways to conserve your phone's battery, there are also a few quick hacks you can use for faster charging. Here are a few of them.f

1. Turn on Airplane Mode
The easiest way to make your phone charge faster is to switch your phone to Airplane Mode before connecting your charger. This will shut off all of your phone’s connections that can use up power, even when you’re not using your device. While on Airplane Mode, your phone will be using less power, allowing it to charge more quickly.

2. Use a Wall Charger
When it comes to getting your phone battery charged, official wall chargers that come packaged with your smartphone are the optimal choice. Wall chargers have a stronger electrical output than the USB ports on your laptop or computer, and a charger provided by your phone’s manufacturer will work better than a cheap, third-party knockoff.
3. Keep Your Phone Cool
In general, you want to keep your phone at a reasonable temperature. Smartphones tend to work better and more efficiently when cool; conversely, overheating can damage its internals, including the battery.
Keep your phone away from sunlight or anything else that might be warming it while charging. You might also want ventilate it by taking off your phone case (if you use one).