iPhone X Battery Replacement

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    This is the brand new Battery Replacement for the iPhone X. If your battery life is not what it use to be and you are looking for an affordable replacement, grab our 2716 mAh battery (10.35 Wh) today! Are you tired of your phone dying fast, despite charging it all day? This Li-Ion battery is the perfect choice for you! Old batteries are a hassle when you are constantly looking for outlets to charge them. With a new battery, you get up to 60 uninterrupted hours of music play! Do not worry about your battery dying on you anymore!



    • iPhone X


    • Brand New Battery Replacement for the iPhone X
    • Li-Ion battery
    • 2716 mAh (10.35 Wh)
    • Up To 60 Hours Of Music Play
    • Up To 21 Hours Of Talk Time
    • Fast Same Day Shipping, Monday-Friday, Before 5pm EST